Children’s TV Showreels and Happy New Year!

I’ve been composing music for children for much of this year. The latter half of 2016 was very busy for me as both a composer and lyricist but I thought I’d start 2017 by wishing everyone a happy new year, and uploading a few examples of the composition work I recently did for Skoolbo. Skoolbo is an international company whose main focus is children and education (and you can read about their work here: While on the theme of writing for children, I’ve included a couple of other compositions I’ve done this year along the same line.

Music For Children

I’ve had a great time producing this material and learned a lot in the process. Writing music for children is NOT like writing music for your band, or arranging a string part for a film maker, for example. You really have to put your ego aside, and the children first. Here is a showreel featuring some of this music, with the others below.

I’ve enjoyed this change of direction and it’s helped my songwriting in a number of ways. Enjoy, and if you or someone you know is ever looking for a composer, lyricist or producer for this or any other kind of musical based work, please send them this way!


Since originally posting this blog, many of the songs in these showreels have been published on the Skoolbo channels. I’ve assmebled some on a new page, which I recommend that you view HERE to see the music in its intended context.

Songs co-written with singer/performer Chrissy Mae Valentine

Final clip below. Happy new year.

Take it easy…

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