Writing Lyrics for Kessy, So Swagging

2019 has been a good year. Having spent the first five months of the year working, swagging, and touring around Italy (what a wonderful country!) I also had a much needed break from the admin side of being a freelance musician – the social media posts, website updates and job applications. However, that didn’t mean that I wasn’t working hard and composing behind the scenes!

Since September I’ve been collaborating with a very talented and creative French musician called Kessy, working almost exclusively as a lyricist. To date we’ve written nine songs towards a projected twelve-song album and all of them have been incredibly rewarding to write, and exciting to listen to once finished.

So Swagging

The most recent Kessy song is called ‘So Swagging’ and the video (below) has recently been released. Click below to watch it, and as always, any likes or shares are greatly appreciated.

If you’re a Spotify user, you can listen on this platform by clicking HERE.

One of the earlier songs, ‘Embrace The Dark’ is less swagging and more of a ‘club’ style! This was also great fun to produce. Have a listen below.

Get In Touch

Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing more of these songs once they become available – it’s a very exciting project to be involved with.

Please feel free to share or comment below and if you’re looking for a co-writer (a composer, lyricist or producer) for your project then please drop me a line via the CONTACT page of this website. In the mean time you can stay up-to-date with my Instagram page or subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel.

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