Thank F**k It’s Monday… I can do some sound design

A quick update on this week’s work. I’ve just done some sound design on a cool jingle for fitness and lifestyle coach, Mark Laws, who runs a motivational blog called Thank F*** It’s Monday. This kind of work made a refreshing change from the lyrics I’ve been writing lately.

Sound Design

Mark wanted something in the style of a boxing announcer and given that most of my recent work has been either writing lyrics or composing short songs, it was good fun putting together all the FX and doing some good old fashioned sound design and production! I’ve uploaded the final mix to my YOUTUBE channel (please subscribe if you have two seconds!) and have also embedded it here so have a look!

Mark, who is based in Norfolk, England, was a treat to work with – communicative, relaxed, and polite and as a result it all came together pretty quickly. More clients like this please!

Composing A Guitar Solo

This week I’m currently working on composing an 80s rock-style guitar solo for a new artist in London (can’t share any details at this stage!) and some rock ‘n’ roll backing tracks for a french musical comedy duo called Les Fr√®res Dujardin – a nice mix of jobs.

Enjoy the clip and with a bit of luck I’ll have more news next week. Please feel free to share or comment below and if you’re looking for a co-writer (a composer, lyricist or producer) for your project then please drop me a line via the CONTACT page of this website. In the mean time you can stay up-to-date with my Instagram page or subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel.

Take it easy, I’ll be back soon…

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