Time Angel – new single by Kessy Mac Queen

Time Angel is the new single from French pop/soul artist Kessy Mac Queen. A talented vocalist with whom I’ve had the pleasure of co-writing many songs over the last 2 years. Time Angel is the final single of 2020, and possibly the last one before the album is released early 2021.

Time Angel

Of all the songs I’ve written with Kessy and his production team, (Time) Angel is arguably my favourite. Prodweiller’s production is rich and beautiful, the melody really soars and I’m incredibly proud of the lyric that I wrote. I feel it really conveys the message of timeless love that we were aiming for. The image created by the line “let’s spend a lifetime lying underneath the stars” is warm and relatable! You can listen to the song below via Kessy’s Spotify page. Please download it and follow Kessy if you feel so inclined; there are more great songs to come over the coming months!

Kessy Mac Queen

Kessy is based in Paris but spends much of his time in Toulouse, where I met him and his manager, Driss (via his Sunrise Agency) in 2018. You can join Kessy’s 100k+ followers on Facebook by clicking HERE. The team has since written about 14 songs together and I’m proud of every single one of them. And a musician can rarely say that about every project he’s involved with!
The first single ‘So Swagging‘ was released summer 2019 and this was my first lyric to pass 500,000 views on YouTube. Check out the video below and please subscribe to Kessy’s YouTube channel while you’re there!

Wonderful World

So Swagging’ was my first venture into this genre and it was a pleasure working with Paris based producer DJ S.Lee on this track. His production is fresh and he’s a great guy as well! Following ‘So Swagging’ was a song which featured the soulful pop vibes I’m more familiar with – Wonderful World. This single featured a beautiful lyric which I remain incredibly proud of. Particularly the powerful intro speech which you can hear on this video:


There were two more singles in 2020 before we arrive at Time Angel. The first was the summer pop vibe of ‘Magic‘. A song which arguably contains the coolest lyrical phrase I’ve ever written!

“You make me feel all kinds of magic – A smile that takes me way up high.
It leads me back to all kinds of happy – A force that always blows my mind.”

Sunrise produced another fine music video the accompany the single release – check it out here:

Embrace The Dark

The final single before Time Angel was another stylistic departure – this time into EDM and a song ripe for a nightclub dancefloor! I actually wrote the lyric for Embrace The Dark the day after the death of my Grandmother, so was emotional and pleased to squeeze her name into the lyrics. Listen out for it when you check out the very fine video below. I’m astonished that this video and song haven’t featured more views – it’s a great track!

Time Angel at Christmas

And here we arrive at Time Angel. The music video for this song won’t be available until February but with the positive message of the song, it’s an ideal Christmas release. Writing lyrics for Kessy and the team we’ve established has been an adventure and I really look forward to the album’s release in 2021. Stay tuned for a forthcoming blog!

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to share or comment below and if you’re looking for a co-writer (a composer, lyricist or producer) for your project then please drop me a line via the CONTACT page of this website. In the mean time you can stay up-to-date with my Instagram page or subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel.

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